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Białe szerokie spodnie

Hejka wszystkim! Dzisiaj mam dla Was kolejną stylizację utrzymaną w pastelowych tonach.
Okres wyprzedaży trwa, ja delikatnie z nich skorzystałam, co zobaczycie w kolejnych letnich stylizacjach. A dzisiaj chciałam pokazać Wam jeden z łupów z zeszłego, letniego sezonu w ZARA. Mowa o czarnych body z koronką z dzisiejszej stylizacji. Uwielbiam nosić je właśnie do bardziej eleganckich stylizacji jak i do ciepłego, grubego swetra. No i uwielbiam ich tył! Sami zobaczcie :)
Tym razem zestawiłam je z białymi, szerokimi spodniami od SheIn i pudrową marynarką BonPrix.
Oj szerokie spodnie w delikatny prążek chodziły za mną od samego początku sezony letniego. W zestawieniu z cielistymi sandałkami wyglądają naprawdę idealnie. Marynarka dopełnia cały pastelowy look. W biżuterii również delikatnie i pastelowo. Widzieliście na instagramie, że w mojej kolekcji biżuterii pojawiła się Pandora z charms-ami! Dlatego dwie 'pandorki' w połączeniu z pastelowym zegarkiem Mockberg współgrają idealnie!
A Wy lubicie nosić body? Dajcie znać w komentarzach :)

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Ways to choose best hair extensions for you

Brazilian Hair extensions are considered by many to be the best type available. Authentic consists of 100% real human hair and is considered superior due to the intact cuticles. This type of hair is also aligned in the extension with the cuticles facing in the same direction, providing smoother, shiner, and Peruvian Hair that lasts longer and is more manageable than synthetic. Choosing the best human hair extensions can be quite complicated, so before you buy, consider the types of Human Hair Bundles you are looking for and what you want the final result to be.
If you want the extensions to have a natural look, you need to choose a color and texture that is similar to your own. Different sources of hair extensions have different textures. For example, European hair tends to be finer in texture than Indian hair, and Chinese hair is straighter than Brazilian hair. The best way to tell if the extensions will suit your own hair is to hold a section of the extension up to your hair and run your fingers though it. If the two sections of hair blend well, then those extensions are likely a good choice.

When you are adding a pop or fashion color to your hair, then matching the color is not as important, but you should still make sure that the textures are similar for a more sophisticated look. The length of the extensions you buy should be based on how long you want the finished product to be. hair extensions are available in a range of lengths. It is best to choose a length longer than you are planning to wear your hair because the extensions often need to be cut to blend in after they are applied. Choose hand-wefted pieces if possible — these are usually less bulky than machine tied.
Finally, make sure that you buy the extensions from a reputable source that can provide you with some evidence of their authenticity. It is best to buy your extensions from a salon or hair shop because you really should be able to see and feel the quality of the hair before you purchase it, especially given the considerable cost of hair extensions. Buying the hair online from wholesale hair can be risky as you will not be able to evaluate the product until you have already paid for it, and it is difficult to return once you have opened the package.

How to Apply Full Wig and Lace Front Wig

Not everybody know how to apply a human hair lace front wig correctly,lace front wigs were first designed for hair loss due to alopecia areata or chemotherapy,to tighten them correctly will let you feel very comfortable and won't afraid of flying away.Human hair lace wig is now available for any lady who wants to update her look or give her own hair a break from styling and over-processing.The human hair wigs are made with a French or Swiss lace cap base that can be custom fitted and then bonded to the head. If you apply the human hair full lace wig or lace front wig just right, it should look completely natural, as if the hair is growing out of your own scalp!We're going to go over the basic steps to attach any lace wigs look spectacular--and stay put no matter what you do.
Whether you buy a French or Swiss full lace wig or front lace wig, cutting the lace will be a delicate procedure. Before you begin, place a wig cap (flesh-toned for a realistic look) over your hair and situate the wig. Next, mark where you want the wig to sit on your forehead with something erasable, like a liquid liner. Be careful to gather the hair into a bunch, with a clip or scrunchy so that no stray hairs will be accidentally cut in the process. Once you've secured all stray hairs, start cutting the excess lace around the wig to your liking. Beginners should leave at least a half inch of lace all the way around until they get used to shaping their lace. Pros generally cut extremely close to the wigs hairline for a more natural look.If you picked the right color lace for your skin type, the lace will disappear upon contact with your skin either way.
The adhesives won't work if your skin is too oily, so to apply the lace wig properly, you must first clean the area around your hairline. Most any alcohol will do, but the best kind is medical grade (99 percent isopropyl). This will strip residue and oils away so the glue or tape works better. You may find applying the alcohol with a Q-tip or cotton ball helps you control the amount you use, which will keep it from running in your eyes.Next, place a store bought scalp protector all around your head where the lace will be applied. The protector can be found in the accessories section of the human hair lace wigs website and should be bought, along with adhesives when you want to buy full lace wigs or front lace wigs.

Applying the adhesive is the most difficult precedure and it may take a newbie quite a few messy tries to get it right. Try not to get frustrated and you will be rewarded with a fierce new hairstyle.The trick is to use an applicator that suits you, like a disposable glue brush or simple Q-tips or makeup applicators.There are two types of adhesive you can use.A. Glue Adhesive--These can vary greatly depending on what you need. For example, white, sweat-resistant glues may be perfect for women who exercise a lot, while other adhesives are better for individuals who like to swim. Be sure you buy a glue that is made for lace systems too, as some more permanent glues can damage them.Once you apply the glue to the desired areas, allow it to dry before placing the unit on your head. If you do not, the wig won't secure properly and will slide away from your forehead.B. Tape -Tape adhesives can be convenient and easier to use, and in a few cases, can be placed directly on the unit itself for easier application. Some of them come in rolls, but you may want to buy kits that have strips of the tape, for convenience's sake.Most women will put tape in the back and glue in the front to make application simpler. It is best to use both glue and tape in the back, however, as this will make the bond stronger--particularly important if you wish to wear your full lace wig or front lace wig in a high style, like a ponytail or bun.Also, be advised that although some glues claim to work for weeks, most will only last a few days. You may have to keep testing adhesives until you locate the full lace wig or front lace wig that works best for you.
To apply the full lace wig, carefully place it on your head, being sure to keep stray hairs out of the glue (pulling back the hair along the hairline with small clips may help) and press the lace into the glue.When applying the lace front wigs or full lace wigs, try not to use your fingers to secure the lace. Fingers have oils in them that will whiten the adhesive once it dries, making an obvious line of demarcation around the hairline. The best thing to do is to lightly tap the unit down, then grab a rat-tail or other small comb and firmly press the wig down, all the way around, until you are satisfied you've gotten every area.Also, make sure none of the lace is lifting up when you are done. If one area is lifting, use a Q-tip to add an extra dot of glue and then try it again.
Once you apply the full lace wig on your head, it may be tempting to style and comb it. Don't. Unless stated otherwise, both tape and glue adhesives have to cure for about 24 to 48 hours before any excessive pulling on the hair can occur.If you follow the rules, the lace wig may stay on your head for quite a long time.